Foreclosure Process

'You don't have to deal with foreclosure alone; come speak to us.'

'You don't have to deal with foreclosure alone; come speak to us.'

The pre-foreclosure process begins when the homeowner fails to make a timely monthly mortgage payment.  Generally, a failure to bring the entire mortgage current, including partial payments, late fees, etc. within 90-days will result in the loan becoming non-compliant and turned over to the collection/loss mitigation/foreclosure department.  If the loan payments are not reinstated in full, then any partial payments that your lender receives are placed in a suspense account and not returned to you.

Under the terms of the lender’s mortgage the lender can file a law suit in the County where the property is located to claim its collateral.  That collateral is your property.  This is the part of the foreclosure process that is called the foreclosure law suit.

We strongly believe that it is imperative and neglectful when defending a foreclosure law suit to fail to have a strategy or end game plan.  That strategy can be, for example, retaining the property through a loan modification or you choosing not to retain the property and proceeding with a short sale.  There are lender incentives of $1,500 to $20,000 for some homeowners who choose to do a short sale.

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