Debt Settlement

How Our Program Manages Your Debt Settlement


‘You don’t have to feel like you’re lost in a fog when the pathway becomes clear.’

‘You don’t have to feel like you’re lost in a fog when the pathway becomes clear.’

Debt Settlement starts with you, the client, being over-extended with a minimum of $10,000 of debt.  You will be assigned an experienced debt negotiation counselor to assure that your debt settlement process flows smoothly from start to finish.  In cases where there is personal as well as business debt, both types of debts can be evaluated and a comprehensive solution provided.  In some cases there is personal debt as a result of personal guarantees for the business.  We can negotiate debt settlements on the personal debts as well as business debts.

Your support team includes legal counsel, experienced debt negotiators, experienced short-sale negotiators and mediators.  We offer, under a limitation of representation, assistance if your creditor has filed a law suit against you in court.  Our debt settlement team has experience in making settlements or negotiating terms on financial issues such as medical bills, unsecured loans, credit cards, debts from repossessed cars, bad contracts, litigation, judgments, accounts payable, etc. 

Once enrolled in our program your debt settlement team immediately starts working for you.  Based on your availability of funds Family Counseling Law Firm will aggressively negotiate the terms for your debt settlement.  Payment plans as well as lump sum settlements can be negotiated.  Those clients that are able to make a lump sum payment generally experience a reduction greater than 50% of their enrolled balance before fees.

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What Clients Are Saying About Us


“I am writing to say ‘THANK YOU’ for the efforts and patience of you and your dedicated team in making this process a success.” ~ Kimberly M.

“Thank you. You made a difference. May blessings be showered upon you daily!” ~ Nancy K.

“The Family Counseling Law Firm headed by Attorney Howard Ullman and his dedicated staff has my undying gratitude for their hard work in favorably resolving my troublesome and complicated mortgage situation. I wholeheartedly recommend their services…, for they have proven to me that their creed is honesty, integrity and old-fashioned hard work.” ~ George G.