Disclaimer Law Definition – (Noun)

A clause in a contract or other writing, stating that the producer or seller of product, device, or process makes no promises about its quality of performance and will not be responsible for harm resulting therefrom.  Webster’s New World Law Dictionary


Not all creditors will negotiate or provide settlement offers at all times, and by ‘debt reduction or settlement’ we mean that upon successful completion of the program the client’s settlement will be less than their initial debt.

Savings estimates are based on historical results of the debt amount at the time of enrollment and bank programs.  Individual results may vary based on Client’s ability to save sufficient funds, the creditors in your individual portfolio, and amount of debt enrolled.  Statements made are examples of past performance and are not intended to be a guarantee that your debt balances will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage, that you will be debt free within a specific time period, or a guarantee of future settlement results.  Family Counseling Law Firm (FCLF) assists with unsecured and secured debt and any use of “debt settlement” only applies to accounts that are enrolled and upon successful completion of the program.  Please review our program enrollment documents before you sign and ask questions about the terms and conditions.


Modification is NOT based upon your credit score and whether a modification is approved is within the sole discretion of your lender.  Modification, in great part, is based upon the ability to pay the modified payment, qualifying for the lender’s program based upon your gross monthly income as it relates to your front-end mortgage costs and the Net Present Value of the property.  Always use an attorney for all loan modifications because ONLY an attorney can legally advise you about your rights under the terms of your mortgage loan documents as well as any modification of those loan documents.  In advising you an attorney must consider your current financial circumstance, including discussions regarding asset protection and exempt property so that when you achieve a solution it will fulfill the needs for you and your family.


In both foreclosure and short-sales, lender’s mortgage documents provide lender the right to claim a deficiency against the borrower once the lender realizes the loss.  Also, the lender will issue a 1099 to the IRS after the deficiency is realized representing a ‘forgiveness of debt’.  If the property is an investment property this ‘forgiveness of debt’ my result income and you need to discuss this with your tax advisor.  Lender incentives are unique programs offered by some lender and not by others.  Lender’s incentives can sometimes be identified before the short sale process and sometimes only after the short sale process commences.  Always use an attorney for all short sales because ONLY an attorney can legally advise you about your rights under the terms of your mortgage loan documents as well as any asset protection issues.


The information contained on this website is intended as general research and information.  We attempt to ensure that the material contained on the web-site is accurate and complete at the date first published, however you should recognize that information contained on this web-site may become out of date over time.  By submitting this contact request, you are consenting to be contacted by A debt consultant or a foreclosure consultant and/or and Attorney by telephone and/or email, even if you have previously listed yourself on any state or federal Do-Not-Call List.

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